Cool Grey Palette

BURLINGAME | this client’s vision required simplicity, organization, and seamlessness while fully embracing the concept of negative space. every element, including the spa and fire pit, was placed precisely within a boundary of dark-colored leaves. privacy from neighbors was achieved through a gapped-fence and by utilizing evergreen plants to refocus one’s attention back to the garden. within the garden, hardscape was distinguished by defining areas with low-lying plants to preserve the long views across an uncrowded, cool grey palette.

plant palette

trees | T-1 apricot armeniaca ‘blenheim’ (apricot) T-2 laurus nobilis ‘saratoga’ (saratoga sweet bay)

shrubs | 1 leucadendron salignum ‘blush’ (blush con bush) 2 leucospermum ‘scarlet ribbons’ (scarlet ribbons pincushion) 3 sarcococca confusa (fragrant sweet box) 4 sarcococca ruscifolia (fragrant sweet box)

perennial | 5 phormium ‘platt’s black’ (platt’s black new zealand flax)

grasses | 6 carex divulsa (european grey sedge) 7 chondropetalum tectorum ‘el campo’ (el campo small cape reed) 8 pennisetum massaicum (red bunny tails fountain grass)

material palette | lin creek pebbles | quartz pebbles | black basalt flamed top pavers | crushed black basalt | western red cedar | mini fir bark