A Place to Play

REDWOOD CITY | the clients desired a functional space for their children to explore while adding curb appeal with low maintenance plants. the corner lot was enclosed from the street with bunched grasses, boulders, and constant-blooming shrubs. three dark purple willow peppermint trees provided fragrance as well as screening for the bedrooms. rather than flooding the space with plants, artificial turf and mounding within the existing maples and liquid ambers provided for ample space to explore and grow.

plant palette

trees | T-1 agonis flexuosa ‘after dark’ (australian willow myrtle) T-2 pistacia chinensis (chinese pistache)

shrubs | 1 acacia cognata ‘cousin itt’ (cousin itt bower wattle) 2 cotoneaster horizontalis (rock spray cotoneaster) 3 nandina domestica ‘nana purpurea’ (dwarf purple heavenly bamboo)

perennials | 4 osteospermum ‘serenity white’ (serenity white african daisy)

grasses | 5 lomandra longifolia ‘breeze’ (breeze dwarf mat rush)

material palette | 385 artificial turf with edging | sonoma fieldstone boulders