A Canvass of Seasonal Blooms

BURLINGAME | this concept, in collaboration with Tierra Madre Fine Gardens, maximized an entertaining space while preserving views from within the home through a double-glassed fireplace built into the frame of the house. the herringbone pattern climbing up the exterior wall of the fireplace was replicated in the hardscape paving. on the deck, existing wood-panel railings were replaced with cabling to further open up the views. the outdoor dining area was framed with a raised planter bed and an arbor. through this arbor, a purple maple, green fern, and granite boulder create the illusion of a still-life painting. the plant selection of seasonal blooms provides varying color throughout the entire year.

plant palette

trees | T-1 acer palmatum ’emperor one’ (emperor one japanese maple)

shrubs | 1 leucadendron ‘crown jubilee’ (crown jubilee conebush) 2 pittosporum tenuifolium ‘silver sheen’ (silver sheen kohuhu)

perennials | 3 heuchera rosada (coral bells) 4 artemisia schmidtiana (silver mound) 5 achillea millefolium (common yarrow) 6 verbena lilaciana ‘de la mina’ (purple verbena)

grasses | 7 juncus patens ‘elk blue’ (elk blue spreading rush) 8 bouteloua gracilis (blue gama grass)

ferns | 9 woodwardia fimbriate (giant chain fern)

succulents | 10 agave attenuata ‘fox tail’ (fox tail agave)

groundcover | 11 thymus serpyllum ‘elfin’ (elfin thyme)

material palette | class 2 permeable base rock | lin creek pebbles ground cover | mini brown mulch | granite bay plank paver (herringbone and piano keys) | blue stone stepper | black granite boulders